6 thoughts on “Katerina & Stelios”

  1. i don’t like the guy’s style although he has a really strong face structure and i love it.
    i have seen the girl many times and i always envy her because she wears the best dresses ever.she has that thing that it grabs your attention

  2. para poli wraio zevgari me poli entona proswpa ontws.me ti asxolounte ta paidia?mipws einai ithopoioi?kati mou thimizoune.

  3. Very very stylish and exquisite both of them! I agree with Mara, she wears the best clothes ever!! And she doesn’t only look great, she is great! I ve met her and she’s really funny, though I think her name is Maria and not Katerina….

  4. wx na k to maraki!!!!!!!koukla koukla!haha!marilooooooooooooooooooooooo koritsara mou!:P

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