10 thoughts on “Manos”

  1. Love the length and fit of his bermuda shorts and the simplicity of the whole outfit. Not too big on the belt, though. I’m not that into accessories that scream their label.

  2. oxi allh HERMES zwnh fatsa-karta !!eleos!!ths exw vare8ei!!sto kwlonaki synexeia mprosta mou!!exei tosa kommatia h Hermes ta opoia den fonazoun kai einai fantastika!!kata ta alla wraio klassiko ntysimo!!

  3. Eμένα πάλι το τόσο κοντό σορτσάκι σε άντρα δε μου αρέ καθόλου…

    Κατά τα άλλα θα συμφωνήσων με την Βάσω…έλεος με την Hermes ζώνη….

  4. I heart for the total black outfit and agree with comments above concerning the H belt..
    But…He is very Posh (sic)

  5. Den exete idea apo antriko ntysimo! O an8rwpos einai ntymenos mia xara kai lowprofile. Afhste loipon thn zwnh kata meros kai koita3te alles leptomereies…pou einai pio shmantikes.

  6. τοσο κοντο σορτσακι ειναι απλα ασχημο σε αντρα

  7. I think he s absolutely fab! Love the whole outfit. Without the belt it would just be dumb.

  8. whats with the belt???….couldn’t it be more obvious? why didnt he left the price tag on?Hermes has wayz better belts..that don’t scream the brand…
    otherwise cool outfit

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